Madd Qamrah Project

Here can be found the luxury of private parking, garden for each house, space aplenty for the family and guests, and complete privacy for each individual residing in the house.

The buildings were designed to offer the luxury you desire, and the family time and privacy at the same time.

Professional designs that include spacious halls, private rooms, and smart filtering of
sunlight throughout the interior. In addition to a garden within your home, and a living
space that brings your family together among gardens that allow you to customize the
seating as you desire.


Project’s land area



Fulfill your ownership desires with spaces and models that meet them with many suitable options. Whether it is within the length of villas, corners, intersections in the center of Safwa.

Madd Qamrah’s models vary in options and sizes that fulfil your ambitions of owning your dream home. All models are based on the highest characteristics of the modern luxurious construction.



A1- Mawj

A2- Mawj

B- AlYam