Madd Sadaeym Project

We drew Madd Sadaeym project inspired by the authenticity of the past and the spirit of modernity with a blend of luxury and harmony of waves and life. In Jeddah, where we write a tale to be passed down to the next generations. In Jeddah, where happiness and luxury meet so you can live in a home where your memories thrive. Madd Sadaeym. Built with a lifestyle that meets all your ambitions and embraces your loved ones


Project’s Land Area



The project is located in Sadaeym Suburb that belongs to Thabat Al Maskan Real Estate in partnership with the National Housing Company. It can be found north of Jeddah – East of Buhairat and can be reached by King Saud Road, Buhairat Road, and all the way to Hazm Road with a width of 60 meters. The project is surrounded by wide roads reaching up to 52 meters and internal roads not below 18 meters.



A1- Deem

A2- Deem

B- Raseel